Custom Cab Design
When it comes to big rigs, being comfortable is the name of the game.  And when you are spending $200K - $300K on a sleeper cab, you want to make sure you can get all the amenities you want.  That level of customization comes with a big challenge for cab designers:  How to wire up a cab in a modular way that allows for almost limitless customization?  To solve that problem, I designed an AR solution to help their design and tech folks see the wiring harness at desktop or full size scale.  My challenge?  Trying to scale down a super high-res 8M polygon model to work in a browser on a tablet and phone.
Lextech Hackathon
I love hackathons, its just a great way to explore tech or tools that you might not be familiar with or just to learn something new.  In this case, I took the opportunity to learn Blender and AR.   Did our team win?  Read on to find out!