A pilot’s day-of-ops routine is an agglomeration of information from over a dozen systems, aggregated into a printed flight release that can easily be over 30 pages long.  Finding crucial information is a challenge, and sharing it is almost impossible.  I was tasked with finding the core details, and exposing them in a digestable way that could be updated in real-time, shared in real-time, and above all, maintained the legality of the FAA-approved flight release.
An airline mechanic’s day is a prioritization nightmare.  Flight crew safety is paramount, which needs to be balanced with which repairs need to be addressed and which can be delayed until the next stop.  All of this is tracked on a combination of paper printouts and legacy desktop software; neither of which support their workflow.  My job was simple:  create a mobile experience that can operate in real-time, with limited connectivity, require minimal training, and decrease aircraft downtime by 50%.  Oh, and train their team how to do mobile design and development while we’re at it.
AMTs (Airline Maintenance Technicians)
Flight Attendants
Delta had ambititious goal: to use an Apple Watch to make the skies safer for the flight attendants.  The number one reason for injuries to flight attendants: unexpected turbulance.  Delta wanted to use the Apple Watch to give them real-time insights into unexpected turbulance.   In collaboration with engineers from Apple, I worked as the sole designer to explore the boundaries of what is possible with the watch, and delivered a solution that was deployed in production to Delta’s flight attendants.